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Is an advanced set of tools meant for teaching professionals and serious golfers. It includes two devices, TSS Pin and TSS Groover, and an eBook: "Testing The Solar Sweetspot Training Method" that should serve as a guide in the training process.

TSS Training Method e-Book

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Rick Malm (SSC Golf) contacted us with the desire to test the training method presented in our book: Slow Practice Will Get You There Faster: Link between Ben Hogans’ mirror practice and his slow motion drill. He was impressed with the concepts, and he proposed that we guide him through the training process. He said that he would then give us all the data acquired for our future use. He is an expert with a lot of experience in sports and has a scientific background. As such, this was a good opportunity to thoroughly test the training method.

The whole process is documented in a video ebook that can be previewed here.

TSS PIN Training Aid

What is it made of?

tss pin

All the metal parts are made of polished or decorative stainless steel, except the small plate that is made of brass. (click the image to see larger picture)

Where and how to install?

You can install it wherever you have enough space for the whole swing with a driver.
On the bottom side of the device is an adhesive pad, and it should be pressed on an even and clean floor.

TSS Groover

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TSS Groover is extremely strongly build and uses A REAL, STANDARD WEIGHT GOLF BALL for authentic impact feel. It allows you to detach and focus solely on the body mechanics, without an attachment to outcome. At the same time, it provides a feedback on how well the ball was struck.


  • The ball, after being hit, comes back into its initial still position in about 5 seconds.
  • Determine the initial ball flight direction by the way it bounces from the rubber stop.
  • For left and right handed golfers.
  • Comes with two balls/ropes, one for driver one for irons.
  • PERFECT for practising the most important (and the most difficult to master) basic of golf swing—Sweet Spot precision.

What’s In The Package

  1. Metal frame
  2. Wooden plate
  3. Nuts/Washers - 6 pcs.
  4. 2 balls/ropes, one for driver one for irons
  5. Plastic Clamps for the rope - 2 pcs.